by Shannon on September 5, 2011

in Gadgets

Up until about two weeks ago, we had TV only because my husband kept a ladder leaning against a non-working telephone pole in our front yard, atop which he had placed a very unattractive antennae. Very. Unattractive. We tried a couple of times to convince Dish and DirectTV that we could pick up a signal through the massive evergreens directly to the south of our house, but each time they politely told us we were crazy. Maybe so. Crazy people tend to fixate on things … like … getting someone to connect us to the twenty-first century.

Well, these squeaky wheels got some grease two weeks ago when we finally persuaded a Dish guy that there was a dime-sized opening in the trees behind our house, and we were sure it was enough to pick up the satellite signal. And … it worked! And now I’m in big trouble. Discovery + Food Network + History Channel + a writing deadline = trouble.

But let’s forget the deadline for a minute. The really important thing is that I caught Giada on FN the other day, and guess what! She was using my spice idea! I had no idea she read Twig and Feather … haha šŸ™‚

Back in January, I wrote this post about how I solved my spice storage problem. Still love my spice jars. Just wanted you to know that now Giada does too. šŸ™‚

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