Going once, going twice …

This might be the most shameless thing I’ve ever done. Maybe. Either way, it’s pretty shameless. In an effort to raise support for my upcoming missions trip to Haiti, I’ve decided to auction off a batch a few batches of cinnamon rolls. If you’d like me to drive a still-warm pan of these to your house–or send them via overnight delivery (continental US only … sorry 🙁 )–just post your bid in a comment below (or on the Facebook link). Warning: these are pretty rich and cinnamony. And buttery. And quite gooey. And the cream cheese frosting kind of drizzles down into every crevice, making them ridiculously messy. Also, I have a rule about these: you must eat them with a big pat of butter, which will also melt down the sides and make little puddles all over your plate. They’re really, really difficult to eat. Just thought I owed you that warning.

Here are some more pictures, just so you know what you’re getting:

This is a batch getting ready to rise.

Same batch, just after baking.

And here’s a pan of wild, unrepentant, disobedient cinnamon rolls …

I don’t know what the deal was on this day. Crazy yeast! Maybe the altitude in Craig, Colorado (where I happened to bake this particular batch) had something to do with it. No worries, though. I’ll make sure your batch is tame. Unless you prefer wild and unrepentant.

You know, they come in a batch of twelve. So if you work in an office and want to get eleven friends in on this, or you have a home fellowship group and want to pool your resources, you could share. Sharing is good, right?

And here’s a reminder of why I’m holding the auction:

We won’t know exactly what we’ll be doing until we actually arrive in Haiti. No doubt, our trip will include visits to some of the orphanages Calvary Chapel Haiti Initiative is supporting, and we will probably visit one of the poorest villages, which is up the mountain about five hours, and help with a VBS for the children and with any building projects they need. We do know that we’re bringing 2000 pairs of eyeglasses to give out, and the equipment to match them to the people who need them.

I’m off to New Jersey to teach a women’s retreat this weekend (plus a one-day visit to New York City … woo hoo!), but I’ll be back next Tuesday. I’ll keep the auction open until I get back. (Note: if you are the winning bid and live out of driving distance, I will send you everything except the cream cheese for the frosting. I just can’t think of a safe way to send that via mail. But all the other frosting ingredients will be mixed and bagged … you’ll just need to add cream cheese.)

Thank you for reading to the end … and for considering a bid. 🙂 Would you also take a minute to hit the “share” button at the top, or the “like” button at the bottom, to share this on your FB page? Thank you!


UPDATE: I’m kind of learning my way through this thing. The first batch shot up to $100 pretty quickly, and that seemed like a good “ceiling” bid. So I’m going to keep offering batches and closing each one when it hits $100. Bidding will continue through Tuesday, Oct. 25th. Thank you SO much for all your support!


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Tera Woodward

O my gosh!!! Everyone who reads this… BUY THEM!!! You will never eat anything like them before!!! They are amazing!!! Just keep coming back for more.. they are so addicting.. AND they are for a good cause!

David in Maltby

$120 for the batch of cinnamon rolls!

Sally Loveless

First of all I love reading your blog! It is so inspiring and amazing…and almost always makes me hungry. I also thought you might like to know that about 8 years or so I started making cinnamon rolls and it’s mostly because of you. I have this memory of being at your house with my parents and you had made some. I thought it was the coolest thing to make them from scratch. I think if you every time I make them!

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