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What to Do With All Those Earrings

by Shannon on March 11, 2012

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Prior to today, my earring situation has been … maddening. That’s because I kept all my earrings (the earrings I wear most of the time, that is) in this cute little ice cream sundae dish. They looked adorable while resting in there, waiting to be picked. And they drove me crazy every morning while I fished around, trying to find pairs. But that’s all in the past.

I had an idea to attach some chicken wire to a picture frame and just hang all my earrings on the wire. But while at the thrift store, I found this $3.99 bundle of plastic meshing (of which I figure I used about 25 cents worth):

… and this metal picture frame, for 99 cents:

After removing the glass and the cardboard backing, and attaching the mesh with a little hot glue, my earring problem was solved.

The necklace organizer? That’s just a $1.99 towel rack I got at Ikea. I hope they don’t mind that I’m using it for bling instead of towels …

I had so much mesh I made one for Tera, too:

Don’t you love the thrift store?

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Tera Woodward

A genius idea mother


Great Idea, Yes, I love thrift stores and the gift of creativity.


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