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At heart, I’ve always been a matchmaker.

As I remember, it all started in fifth grade when my best friend set her sights on the boy who sat kitty-corner from her desk. “He’s so CUTE!” she gushed. That was pretty much all the motivation I needed. I began to nonchalantly extol her best features whenever he was within earshot. I let it drop that she might think he’s not ugly. I nudged whenever the doing so seemed casual and un-forced. And lo and behold, one morning they sat, smiling bashfully in side-by-side swings at recess, and I considered myself successfully … done. I like to think they’re celebrating their 30th anniversary sometime soon.

Flash forward a bunch of years, and my matchmaking has taken on a more direct quality. “You should really ask her out,” I’ve been known to say (more than once) to hesitant men in my sphere of influence. A few marriages have resulted from those nudges.

And then there’s matchmaking of another sort. As a pastor’s wife, I regularly hear, “We’ve just moved up from California, and although we’re renting now, we’d really like to buy a house.” My automatic reply has always been, “Oh, let me find a house for you!”

So in late July, when I called a realtor in Cannon Beach to ask about a property that we could absolutely not afford right then-and-there and did not intend to buy, and heard her less-than-enthusiastic responses to all my questions (“Yes. EVERYONE wants to be in Cannon Beach, and it’s VERY hard to find a job here, PLUS, that area you are asking about is in a flood zone, and do you REALLY want to live in a flood zone?”), I turned to my husband and said, “I could sell myself that property quicker than she could.” And in that second, a light bulb hovered over my head, a la every Saturday morning cartoon you’ve ever seen.

Three days later, after a very intense interrogation at our otherwise non-intense baptism/barbecue on Kayak Point, at which I asked the kindly obliging Kaitlyn Watson every question I could think of about real estate in general and why she chose Windermere Real Estate specifically, I knew I’d found an open door. A WIDE open door. A door so inviting, so brimming with possibilities that I knew I’d punish myself forever if I didn’t step a toe over its threshold. And so I walked into Windermere Marysville on August 4th, introduced myself to Dan Peterson, the very friendly, very welcoming managing broker, and told him I thought I was born to be a real estate broker because I was fascinated with people and was natural matchmaker. To his credit, Dan did not scoff or laugh at me.

The next month was a whirlwind of books and tests and online classes. In the first week of September, I took and passed my realtor’s exam, came back to that same chair in Dan’s office, and signed every paper he put in front of me. And I have absolutely loved every minute since then.

And so, let the big adventure begin. Can I help you?


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Hi Shannon, When I saw “real estate” under you name on Linked In, I thought – I never knew that! I always think of you as a writer and speaker… So fun to hear your story here! (Wish you could have done a little matchmaking for me…especially nudging those shy guys to ask a gal out!) It was such a fun surprise to see your request to link with me… and you blessed me with your copywriting endorsement. Especially from someone who writes as beautifully as you do. You were one of the first bloggers to inspire me and I… Read more »
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