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Oh, I love these! I really, really love these. I found them at World Market in Lynnwood (for those of you in the area). Actually, I’ve seen them a bunch of places, but always at $2.99 each. And I’ve thought about buying them every time I’ve come across them, because my spice cabinet is absolutely out of control, and I literally grit my teeth sometimes when I have to remove fifteen spices just to get to one stuck way in the back. So when I saw them this week for $1.99 each, I bought 10. And then I went back yesterday for 24 more. Yes, I did.  So I’ll probably have my head in the spice cabinet all day. Just in case you’re looking for me.

Twist the lid and open these four sprinkle holes ….

… or twist a little further and open this bigger hole.

I’m a little torn about the fact that you can see the spices through the lid. I really like that, but I know that spices should be kept in the dark. On the other hand, I go through my spices pretty quickly, so I’m not sure that much damage could happen before I’ve used it up. If it bothers me down the road, I’ll cut out round paper circles to fit into the lid. For now, I just like looking over and seeing all that spicy loveliness staring back at me.

I’ve usually seen these jars displayed on magnetic boards which the store is happy to sell you for $30 or more. But I didn’t want to buy a magnetic board, especially after it occurred to me that the side of my fridge–which is right there next to my stove–is kind of a giant magnetic board … and free.

These just make me so happy. But there’s more! 🙂

I also found these very fun gadgets — bendy spoons and forks. Well, that’s what I call them. What do you think?

Here they are in action:

Care for a homemade pickle?

Or maybe you’d rather have a jalapeno olive …

I am a sucker for gadgets. You too?


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That is an EXCELLENT deal for the spices! Those jars cost almost a dollar! (well not wholesale) but I sell some herbs and spices and you did some fine frugal shopping there! Aren’t spices so ridiculously expensive? YES!
i LOVE the fork and spoon deals..I’ll be heading out to world market tomorrow morning!


Thanks for sharing these they are great!!! I think that the spice containers are what my daughter gave to my other daughter for Christmas and they look great.
Love the spoon and fork too.

anita scheftner

if i lived closer i would take you to the commissary.. 😀


I think I might have been converted. I love those little spice jars- they look magnetic too- are they?

Angela Walle

Oh man….I love these…maybe I can convince my hubby to take down his Star Wars magnets and replace with these hmmm…I love gadgets. My 3 newest faves are: the hard boiled egg timer. It is a gadget you put in the water with your eggs. And it tells you when they are soft-medium-and hard. My Martha Stewart magnetic tea/tablespoon measures. They just attach to the hood on my stove…talk about HANDY! Last my Garlic wheel. You put the garlic clove in, drive it like a toy car on the counter and poof you have minced garlic 🙂

anita scheftner

are you close by smokey point shannon?…maybe we could meet up and go to the commissary there..or if you are coming to the islands area..just fb me and let me know..and we can arrange it 😀

anita scheftner

oh and i love world market…lol..try to stop by there when we are in the area..


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