Restaurant Review: Gayle’s Bakery & Rosticceria ~ Capitola, CA

by Shannon on May 3, 2011

in Restaurant Reviews

I’m home from my second trip to California this month — this time to Oakland/Capitola. I love traveling, but I really miss my kitchen when I’m away. Usually by about Day 2 of my trip, I’ve already got a good list going of all the things I want to make when I get home.

My list today includes Chicken Diavolo and Polenta Casserole (both of which I had — and then had again — at Gayle’s Bakery in Capitola with my friend, Sherri Youngward. In fact, I’m pretty sure we set a record for most trips to Gayle’s in a 48-hour period. Four. Four times. Oh, that Gayle. She really knows her way around a kitchen.

I had the Chicken Diavolo, the Chicken Enchilada, and the Polenta Casserole twice each. Add to that Christie’s Coleslaw, an Asparagus-Celery-Button Mushroom-Swiss Salad, a really tangy Quinoa Salad, an Eclair and a Flourless Chocolate Souffle, and you can imagine what I’m eating all the rest of the week. Yes, carrots.

But it was entirely worth it. I’d do it all again and wouldn’t change a thing. Except maybe going five times instead of four.

Today I made my corn chowder, only this time I made it a little thicker with a roux.

I’m working on recipes for the Diavolo and the Polenta Casserole … stay tuned for that. If I can come close, you’re going to love them both. Till then, enjoy a virtual tour of Gayle’s.

Chicken Diavolo (botton right)

Polenta Casserole

Flourless Chocolate Souffle

I have to say, I like my own eclairs better. But I somehow managed to choke down one of Gayle’s. It never hurts to be kind.

Oh, I’ll be back.

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